One color jobs will ship out the next business day if your online order is placed by 2:00 CST.  Multicolored jobs are 3 in house production days.  All orders placed after 2:00 CST will go on the next business day. For example if you place an order for a multicolored job on a Thursday your order will ship out no later than the next Tuesday.  If you place an online order for a 1 color job on a Thursday by 2:00cst, your order will ship out Friday .  We do have a detailed chart on the place order page that will show when your order will ship. 

We allow gang sheets.  Feel free to place as many images as you can within the 7x12, 10x12 or 13x14.5 image area.  Feel free to place your images as close as you want.  We do not cut your make sure you are good with a pair of scissors.  There is no extra charge for ganged artwork.

WHAT IS YOUR MINIMUM ORDER FOR TRANSFERS?  24 sheets is always our minimum order.  You must order at least 24 transfers with every piece of artwork you upload. 

CAN I ORDER 6 TRANSFERS OF FOUR DIFFERENT JOBS?  BECAUSE IF I ORDER 6 TRANSFERS OF EACH ARTWORK FILE THAT WOULD BE 24 RIGHT?  No, you will ALWAYS have to place an order for at least 24 transfers.  We realize that if you order 6 transfers of 4 different jobs it will total 24 prints, but you must order 24 prints of every order.  So if you have four different pieces of artwork you will have to order 24 transfers of each artwork job resulting in a total of 96 transfers.  

We realize we have now answered this question twice but we receive this question hourly.  So we want to make sure this is laid out clearly.  24 is the magic number.

IF I ORDER 50 TRANSFERS IN WHITE AND 50 TRANSFERS IN BLACK WILL I RECEIVE THE 100 PRICING?  No in order to receive the 100 pricing you would need to order 100 white and 100 black transfers.  

DO YOU HAVE A COLOR CHANGING FEE? We do not have a color changing fee.  If you need 50 transfers in white ink and 50 transfers in black ink you will receive the 50 price.  Even if it is the same image.  

WHAT COLOR SHOULD I USE?  You should use whatever color your customer wants.  We will not select a color for you.  We have the Pantone numbers listed below each color so you can see the exact color of the ink by looking at your Pantone Color Formula Guide.

WILL YOU COLOR MATCH A PANTONE COLOR?  If you have an order for 1000+ transfers and need a specific pantone color please email us  We will make a special ink order for your specific pantone color.  If you have an order that is under 1000 transfers you will have to select one of the pantone colors we have shown on our place order page. Please note your order may take longer to ship out if you have a specific pantone color because we will have to order that ink for you. We will only meet our promised turnaround time for orders placed using one of our stock colors.

IS YOUR RED A DEEP RED OR A LIGHTER RED?  Once again the only color answer you will get from us, at all times, is look at the pantone number below the name of each color and judge for yourself.  My definition of a deep red may be different than what you think is a deep red.  The pantone numbers will eliminate all doubt and show you the exact ink color.

SOMETIMES MY WHITE INK IS REALLY BRIGHT AND SOMETIMES IT ISN'T...WHY?The screen mesh size we use determines the amount of ink that is printed onto the transfer paper.  If your artwork contains thinner lines and smaller detail we have to use a different mesh size to ensure your image will wash out of our screens properly.  When we use a different mesh size to allow for the tiny detail and small lettering, less ink is placed onto the transfer.  Thicker lines and larger fonts allow maximum ink coverage that is needed with our high coverage inks for dark garments.   Try to encourage your artist to use thicker lines and larger fonts so we can apply more ink to your transfer.

Sometimes it could be that your heat press is too hot.  Feel your transfer.  If you have a thick amount of ink on the transfer but your transfers still are not bright on dark garments you need to lower your temperature or seconds.

WILL YOU TELL ME WHAT COLOR I SHOULD USE? That is a decision your customer needs to make.  We have provided the pantone numbers below each color.  Please use your Pantone Color Formula Guide so your customer can see the actual color and decide what they want. 

WHAT IS A STANDARD SIZE AND WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND?  In all honesty there is not a "standard" size.  This is a custom based business so standard is what you choose.

I JUST GOT MY ORDER AND REALIZED I PICKED THE WRONG COLOR.  WHAT DO I NEED TO DO? You will need to click the "Place Order" tab on our website and place your order again.  We always feel bad when this happens.  However we can not lose money on a job when we have provided all colors with pantone numbers on our website.

DO YOU MIX COLORS?No we don't.  We have a color chart online that shows all the colors with the pantone numbers provided.  Please choose from one of the colors we have.  If you have a larger order 5000+ transfers please email us and we will be happy to order your specific color.

CAN I PLACE AN ORDER WITH A JPEG, BMP, PSD OR PNG FILE?  No we must have vectorized artwork to complete your order.  A photograph file will not allow us to print out each individual color separation for the screen printing process.  Please read our artwork section and follow our guidelines to ensure you receive a quality print.  If you place your mouse over the FAQ tab you will see the artwork section appear in the drop down menu box.

I'M PRINTING ON A WHITE T-SHIRT.  THERE IS WHITE IN MY DESIGN.  DO I NEED TO ORDER WHITE INK OR CAN I USE THE T-SHIRT COLOR?  We will only screen print the colors you select online.  If you want to use the garment as a color in your design you can.  We do have customers that will go ahead and purchase white ink in case their customers want them to print on light and dark garments.  Sometimes it is cheaper to purchase the extra color than it is to order a second set of transfers.  The decision is yours.


DO I REALLY HAVE TO PLACE MY ORDER ONLINE? Yes.  ALL orders for transfers must be placed online.  If you are a local customer and want to pickup your order, please let us know in the additonal comments section when you are ordering online.  We will refund your freight and you can pickup your transfer order.

WHAT COMPANY DO YOU USE FOR SHIPPING?  We use UPS for all shipments.  We must ship all packages unless you are a local customer.  We will not accept shipping labels via email.  If you want to save on freight costs please give us your UPS shipping number in the additonal comments section when you are placing an online order.  We will be happy to ship out the package on your UPS account number and refund your freight. 

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE FOR MY PACKAGE TO ARRIVE?  You will see a link to when you are placing your online order.  Please click the UPS logo and it will take you to their page.  You can type in our ZIP code 63755 and it will show you how long it will take for your package to arrive.  

IF YOU AREN'T ACCEPTING RUSH JOBS, AND I PLACE AN ORDER ASKING FOR A RUSH JOB, WHAT WILL HAPPEN?We will delete your online order and refund your money.  As of October 16, 2015 there is a $10.00 cancelation fee.  No rush means no rush.  Our turnaround times are clearly listed above.  If our turnaround times will not work for your order please do not place an order.

I JUST PLACED AN ONLINE ORDER BUT NOW I NEED TO ADD TO THAT ORDER. CAN I DO THAT? No we will not combine the shipping of two separate online orders.  If you need to order more than one set of transfers please click the continue shopping button while placing an online order.  If you need to cancel an online order so you can place the order again with multiple transfers there will be a $10.00 cancelation fee of your order.  Please make sure your order is correct before you checkout.

Yes we have instructions online as well as instructional videos.   If you ever have any problems please email us 
We always keep extra transfers from each job to help trouble shoot your problems.  We send a sample print out with each order.  We will have a sample of your transfer for one month.  

DO YOU HAVE A RETURN POLICY? Yes we do. Returns must be made in 30 days.  We keep a sample from every order for thirty days.  We keep this copy in case you need help printing your transfers.  If there is a problem with your online order we will send a UPS call tag for the incorrect order.  We will inspect the returned transfers.  We will issue a refund or reprints for the incorrect order.  We WILL NOT issue a refund or reprints if your order is correct.  We WILL NOT issue a refund if you returned a partial order.  You must return ALL transfers to qualify for a refund or reprints.  We WILL NOT issue refunds if there is an error because your artwork did not meet our online artwork guidelines.  The artwork guidelines are on our website to help you receive a quality transfer.Our Turnaround times are located online.  We have provided a UPS zone map so you can see the estimated delivery time.  We will issue a refund if your transfers were not completed within our promised online turnaround time.  We are not responsible for the delivery time.  We WILL NOT issue a refund if your transfers do not arrive in the time promised by UPS.  Please call 1-800-PICKUPS if you did not receive your transfers on schedule.

HOW LONG WILL MY TRANSFERS LAST? White ink is the biggest concern.  You can print a transfer with white ink for up to six months.  Yes I realize other companies say if they are cured properly they will last forever......  I really wish I knew where those companies purchase their plastisol ink.  :)  Our transfers are cured properly.  I will not promise that 2-10 years from now the white ink on your transfer will still work.   That is why we always encourage you to only order what you know you will use within the next six months.  I have transfers in the back that we did for a customer in 1996 for Mardi Gras.  It is a one color with black ink and it still prints perfectly....but I'm not promising to give your money back in 16 years if your transfers no longer work.  To cover our tracks we will say six months on all ink colors.  To further the shelf life of your prints keep them in the bags provided and at room temperature.  You do not want the plastisol getting too hot or freezing.  We also say keep your transfers away from dogs,kids, and women with really long fingernails.  (yes it's a lame joke but we still say it around here)
Note:  This is a guide for how long you will be able to use your transfers.  This is not a guide for how long the ink will stay on the
garment once it is printed.  I have had phone calls asking why they should use transfers if the white ink will only stay on the shirt
for a year :)  If your transfer is pressed properly all ink (including white) will stay on the garment for many many many washes.  We do not know the exact number of times you can wash a shirt and it still look brand new.  We offer a free sample pack and if you want to test our product please do so :)  Please tell your customers to dry their garments inside out and on a low temperature setting.  To really further the life of the print on the garment, line drying is the best option.  
Please keep in mind even a 2016 Porsche Boxes is not going to look brand new years from now...and they cost $52,100 not $0.75.

IF YOU CANCEL THE JOB, SO I CAN COMBINE SHIPPING ON A NEW ORDER, DO I STILL GET THE SAME TURNAROUND TIME?  We process online orders as we receive them.  Your order will ship under our promised online
turnaround times.  You will not receive the turnaround time from the old order because it was canceled...unless the new
order was placed the same day.

WHAT TYPE OF PAYMENT DO YOU ACCEPT?  We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and Paypal.  All online orders that are not paid for will be canceled.  We are no longer keeping credit cards on file for online orders.  We want you the customer to have the control of what charges are made to your account.




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